Sunday, March 30, 2008

So we have to move...

because our little family had to split up....stupid lay-offs...

and we are extremely sad about it! So, here's a post of our cute, cute little 1924 house in downtown historic Redlands. Enjoy the pictures and cry with us! We move on April 9th.

Yay Fall Leaves!!!

We have lots and lots of persimmons.

Persimmons are yummy and so are cookies...

Orange Redlands!

Da Backyard!!

Spring has sprung!

Lots of lilies!!!

The peaches are just itty bitty babies, but just wait til May.

So beautiful!

I love our little gate!

This is our paradise!

Our favorite place on earth....

Santa Cruz!!!!!!!!

Josh and Cam--silly silly boys!


Ice plant is crazy awesome!

Kenyon contemplating again!

You gotta love your Banana Slug!!!

From Gunshot!!! Beautiful!!

I Heart Redwoods!

This turned out so pretty, don't ya think?!

Josh takes the Xterra...

Off-roading with the Nobles in Idyllwild. OOH!

Gotta love So-Cal montanas!

He loves me so much, he took pictures of the poppies!

Fields and fields of poppies!

He really really really likes his car!

when you see pictures like this....

you can understand why people live in the IE.

More Snow!

Doesn't Josh work in one of the prettiest places ever!?!

In honor of Haley Kristine Cloyd... Here are some more adventures

In December, Heather surprised Josh with a night at a uber fancy resort in Lake Arrowhead. It was the night of the first snow of the year, which was a great surprise.

I really like this centerpiece.

The first snow!! YAY!!

Our little CRV did a great job on the ride home.