Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3rd Anniversary Trip!

Josh and Heather took off for a night to the central coast to celebrate the wedding of our great friend Katie Flynn.  Katie was one of Heather’s roomies during our year at Mount Hermon Outdoor Science.   Katie is fabulous!  She’s genuine, thoughtful, bubbly, beautiful, enthusiastic and full of love.   Anyway, when we found out the date of the wedding, we realized that it was just a week after our anniversary, and thanks to Grandma and Papa E. who watched Chompy for us, we got our first night away since he was born. 

We fit as much as humanly possible into the 24 hours that we were in town. 

We got to San Jose and drove straight to one of Heather’s favorite places for breakfast-Walnut Avenue Cafe.  The breakfast scrambles are amazing here-Heather got the tomato, basil, feta and Josh got Chorizo and Cheese :)  YUMMY!!! 


After breakfast we hurried over to the Patagonia outlet just in case there was something amazingly.  Sadly for us, and luckily for our pocketbook, we didn’t find anything we HAD to have.  But, it was fun to look around.


After shopping a little, we went and checked in to the beautiful Scotts Valley Hilton.  Since it was an anniversary trip, we decided to splurge (and many thanks to the wedding rate for making this possible ;).  Heather has stayed at the Hilton one other time, when we got married.  It’s beautiful and nestled right into the redwood hills. 


We changed quickly and headed out to do a little hiking.  It is not possible for us to come to this area and not visit our old hiking grounds through Henry Cowell State Park.

IMAG0169 IMAG0171



We were out for a few hours and worked up quite an appetite, which was good, since we knew where we were headed next:  New Leaf Neighborhood Market for sandwiches and then to Felton Railroad Park for lunch.  MMMMM……


Then, it was back to the hotel to get spiffied up for the wedding!  Katie and Mark got married at Roaring Camp like we did…so it was so fun to see another couple start their married life together in the same way.  It was perfect.  While our wedding was gorgeous and HOT, there’s was gorgeous and cold :)    So much fun!   





They had cotton candy and s’mores! YUM!!!! 

We had a great time enjoying our friends and catching up with people we hadn’t seen in 3 years.  Pretty cool!

Sunday morning we slept in—thank you black out curtains! :)

And…had breakfast at another of Heather’s favorite breakfast spots- Mollie’s Cafe in Scotts Valley.  Holy biscuits and gravy batman!  YUMMM!


We went for a little walk along Westcliff also .


Then it was time for church. We LOVED Community Covenant when we lived here, so we never miss an opportunity to go when we can. 


It was then time to head out to San Jose, with a last minute pit stop at REI in Saratoga and then we were off to Chompy!  Who, sadly, was the sickest he has ever been, the whole weekend!  Poor Chompy and poor Grandma and Papa E.


Stay tuned for Santa Cruz Part II when we go back in November for Terra and Josh’s wedding!  YIPPEEE!