Friday, June 27, 2008

DA. da. da da da da da. Du du du du d d duda du da DA!

It's Heather's most favorite thing in the world: THE OLYMPICS!

She spent a lot of last weekend watching the trials, and plans to do the same ALL WEEK LONG!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Track and Field. We'll watch the people run an 800 in the time it takes Heather to run a 400. Hee hee hee!


6 years, 3200 hours of work, two standardized tests, $400 dollars. DONE!!!!!

License! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thought for a day....

So here's the thought for the day.

When people run for office, you'd think that they'd do anything to get your vote. Well, we tried to get some bumper stickers for the Nov. election, just to find out that you have to PAY for the privilege of your endorsement. How silly is that?! Very contrary to all common sense, esp. since high school and middle school election candidates would give out free candy or buttons, and they didn't have any money at all.

On the subject of money.....there is so much money in these elections. I was thinking that maybe the political types should just donate all the money donated to them instead of spending it on commercials. We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars. That could make it so that California teachers could keep their jobs, or vaccinate all the kiddos for free, or give everyone a free upgrade to Digital TV (since the FCC decided that in order to watch regular broadcast TV, you now have to go buy a special antenna). That'd definitely make more of an impact and let voters know what they are into. I like this idea. When I run for office, that's what I'll do. So, feel free to start giving me money that you'd like me to give away.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Part 1: Done

YAY!! Heather took the first part of her exam for her license....and she passed!!!

She's been working for six years to be able to sit for it, and she passed it on the first try! YAY!!

One more step, and then she's officially a Licensed Clinical Social Worker! Woot!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We have all the money we need for our Malawi trip! Thanks so much to everyone that helped out. We're SO grateful! Please keep praying for us! We will be leaving July 5th, and returning July 20th.

Thanks again!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Josh and Heather and the very very very long weekend....

First we went to Joel and Ashley's Rehearsal Dinner at Acapulco's in San Pedro! Hi Joel and Ashley!

Then we lit candles at the wedding!
Ooh purty!!!

Purty Rea family!!!!!

Then, we were on our way to breakfast at The Kettle with Alexis! YAY! Alexis!!!!

We were off to our team meeting for Malawi! Fun poolside at Laguna! We learned lots! Heather's taking some garlic, and Josh gets to take a collapsible hoe! Yep, that's fun!

After the meeting, we were off to the first night
of summer staff at Forest Home, where we got
to hang with this cutie! Hi Addie!!!!

This is the Leadership attempting to re-inact High School Musical! hmmm.......and that ends the weekend!