Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Heather Goes Back to Work…

Yesterday was Heather’s first day back at work.  A big adjustment for our family, as we now have a new schedule to get used to.   We made lunches and got everything ready the night before, so the early morning would be easier.  Heather left for work at 6 to get there by 7 to work her 10 hour shift.  She’s going to work 10 hour days twice a week for right now.  All of her friends at work were so welcoming and made her feel good to be back.  Josh got Chomp ready and off to Kinder Care.  Usually, Josh would then go to work himself and then pick Chomp up on his way home.  They get to have Daddy/Son time until Heather gets home.  But, our fridge decided to break at 9pm on Sunday, so he had to take a day off to buy a new one, get it installed, and getting rid of the old one.  The old fridge was a great, cheap hand-me-down.  Now to have this nice, big fridge with water/ice maker is awesome :)     I know, we’re easily impressed! :)    We all made it through the day and can call it a success. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Fun Day…

Yesterday, we had a fun outside family day with friends!   Josh and his friends Ben and Dustin have been riding bikes on Saturday mornings the past couple of weekends.   They met up at our house at 9:00am.  Dustin brought Sarah and Baby Olivia with him so that they could go walking with Heather and Little Chomp.  The boys rode off in the distance, and the ladies and Chomp walked a couple of miles together and got to chat!   The guys went over to the Redlands Community Park to meet our friends the Avis’s.  Heather Avis has been a Special Ed. Teacher for Redlands High and yesterday was the big flag football game for her students.  So, Josh, Ben, and Dustin joined the “other team” to play against her Xtreme Team.  So, much fun!  The Special Ed. Students won 28-7!     Sarah, Olivia, Chomp and Heather drove over to meet them and watch the game. 

Then, we went to REI (our very favorite store) to look for winter boots for Josh for snowshoeing this winter and to wear around camp.  Apparently, REI was just getting boots in, so we didn’t get any, but Heather found a total deal: a warm snowsuit for Little Chomp for $2.83!  Yep, that’s right!  $2.83.  She was really proud of herself.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Completed...

All of the tabs above should now work to get to our individual pages. YAY Josh!

Check out this page for all of the family happenings, and then visit our individual pages to see what each of us is up to.

Thanks Everyone!