Monday, April 27, 2009

34 weeks....

Baby Showers happened this last week.

We had two in one day from the Pediatrics department and the Care Management department. Very fun!

Then all the ladies of the family and the family friends got together on Saturday in Newbury Park to help welcome Baby Chomp!

Today, Heather got to go to her doctor's appt. Chomp's still growing well and looks good so far. YAY!!!

6 weeks to go!! WOO!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

33 weeks....sniffle....

YAY!!! 7 weeks to go!!!! (Belly picture to come.) The last few weeks have been getting a little harder. Heather is training her social work replacement at work, so she's been really busy getting her work done and making sure that she's being a good teacher.

The nurses in Maternal Child threw her a cute baby shower at lunchtime on Friday. They really made sure that Chomp is going to be a well dressed, well-read child. A special thank you to Stephanie and Deanna for putting it all together. She felt so special and appreciated. And, a little weird about the attention. :)

Yesterday, Heather and Josh started tackling Chomp's closet. We went through his stuff and started trying to organize it. I guess that we are starting to get prepared for him. We even went out and bought dining room chairs. (We've had a table the whole time, but it didn't have chairs). We've been eating on the couch the whole time. Josh put them together last night. YAY! They are so nice, and now we (and our visitors) will have a place to sit and eat when Chomp comes).

Then....sad day Heather got a sinus and eye infection. She's really thankful that she doesn't have pink eye, so she'll be able to go to work tomorrow. Here's to Redlands Urgent Care, and the $4 prescription program at Target. $8 for a cycle of 2 medications. That's pretty good! She just got home and took her first dose of glorious amoxicillin and her eye drops. Hopefully, relief will come soon.