Monday, April 28, 2008

Heather vs. the Ants

So. We have a wee little ant problem. It began like any other problem, slowly, and before we knew it, we had an infestation. We tried to give the ants the benefit of the doubt. They are just searching out the new people. They are looking for water. They are scouts and will go away soon. But, this didn't happen. In fact, we had to resort to having an "ant sponge" yep, that's a sponge that is used only for wiping up ants. We got ant traps. We got this caulking stuff made of peanut butter and stuff ants hate. This was a giant sacrifice for Heather. For those who don't know, Heather is majorly allergic to peanut. Well....all the peanut butter seemed to do was to make it so that we now have ant corpses all over the kitchen that smell like peanut. NOT GOOD!! So, in talking with her boss today, Heather found out that the ONLY thing that worked in Cindy's kitchen was this liquid stuff that you put on cardboard pieces. So, Heather said...."I'm going to kill the ants once and for all". She went to Lowe's (Rick's favorite place) and bought the liquid-y poison. The ants are supposed to be attracted to it and then take it back to the family lair. We weren't sure whether it would work or not.

Well, here's a picture of under the kitchen sink about 20 minutes after putting the stuff out.
I think that I'm going to invest in Terro. Yes, I realize that when a bottle says that a substance can't be put around food prep or storage areas or children/pets, or disposed in the garbage, we are dealing with definite poison. BUT, the ants will hopefully be gone!!!!!!

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