Monday, June 9, 2008

Josh and Heather and the very very very long weekend....

First we went to Joel and Ashley's Rehearsal Dinner at Acapulco's in San Pedro! Hi Joel and Ashley!

Then we lit candles at the wedding!
Ooh purty!!!

Purty Rea family!!!!!

Then, we were on our way to breakfast at The Kettle with Alexis! YAY! Alexis!!!!

We were off to our team meeting for Malawi! Fun poolside at Laguna! We learned lots! Heather's taking some garlic, and Josh gets to take a collapsible hoe! Yep, that's fun!

After the meeting, we were off to the first night
of summer staff at Forest Home, where we got
to hang with this cutie! Hi Addie!!!!

This is the Leadership attempting to re-inact High School Musical! hmmm.......and that ends the weekend!

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Smarshie said...

I love Josh's expression in the last picture. So great! =)