Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Part 2 of Josh's Awesome Weekend

So, Part 1 was Friday's skydiving adventure with Dustin. Little did Josh know that there would be a Part 2.

There has been this totally awesome attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton for the last 11 years called "The Star Trek Experience." I actually remember being 16-ish and seeing a commercial for it, and thinking "I really want to go see that!" Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I found out that it will be closing on September 1st. I apparently talked a lot about it, because my wife decided that as an early birthday present (it's closing before my birthday) she would take me to see it.

Sunday morning started out like a normal Sunday, except that fact that I woke up and Heather was already dressed, which was a little weird. I made breakfast and then we decided to go to the Farmer's Market (our normal Sunday morning activity for the last couple of weeks). We went out to the garage and a number of weird things happened. Heather suggested we take her car (we normally drive my car on the weekends, since Heather's gets driven a lot more during the week) and Heather got in the drivers seat (I normally drive, since she drives a lot more during the week). Then, Heather asked me to hand her her sunglasses, and I noticed that mine were in the car as well. I finally asked her if she was up to something, and she just said "Maybe," with a little smile on her face. Then I asked, "are we driving to Vegas?" "Yep."

Thus began Part 2.

Let me say this; The Star Trek Experience was awesome. After three short hours in the car, we were greeted by this:


And shortly after entering the Las Vegas Hilton, we were at the entrance:


It was pretty much the best day ever. The Star Trek Experience offers three attractions, Quarks' Bar (recreate from the set of Deep Space Nine), Borg Invasion 4D, and Klingon Encounter. While you wait in line for Borg Invasion and the Klingon Encounter, there is an entire museum line up of set pieces, and a timeline of Star Trek history. Heather got more history than I think she ever wanted to know while we waited in line.

I think my favorite part of the entire day was at one point during the Klingon Encounter (equal parts live-action show and motion simulator ride, a la Star Tours at Disneyland), you are actual standing on the bridge of the Enterprise D! It brought back all kinds of memories of me wishing I was Wesley Crusher, the dashing young ensign on the Enterprise.

All in all, it was an awesome day reliving my childhood watching Star Trek, and remembering again all of the reasons that I love Star Trek. Thanks to my wifey, (who loves me enough to spend a super-nerdy day with me) for an amazing day, and an incredible early birthday surprise.

There are a few more pictures from our little day trip here.

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