Sunday, January 24, 2010





So, today the road was still closed, however, we had to go up because Josh had to check on the computers.  So, we got past the CHP this time. 

Once we got up past the blockage, we realized why it was closed.  It had nothing to do with the highway itself, that was pretty clear.  However, there were multiple (6 to be exact) places where the power lines were down, in the snow and across the creek.  And, there were several CalTrans and Southern California Edison crews working hard to get everything back together.  Had they allowed the zillions and zillions of cars that wanted to get up to “play in the snow” up there, there would have been no way to keep everyone safe, and let the workers do their jobs.  So, bravo, to the CHP for making this decision. 

There is still no power or phone accessibility to the Forest Falls area.  As one of our friends put it who lives up there…it was like being Amish.  :) 

Once Josh got all the computers squared away, we took Chompy out snowshoeing.  Heather has been wanting to do this for a year!!!!   She was soooo excited!   Here’s some pictures.  It was a gorgeous, serene day!









We definitely have an adventure boy on our hands!

He shows us every day how much he’d rather be outside! 

Check out Josh’s Flickr site for more pictures from the day :)

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