Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zion National Park Family Vacation…


We did it!  We had our first official little family of three vacation :)  It was so much fun!  We went to Zion National Park in Utah!  We got there Thursday afternoon and played through Sunday morning.  Both ways we stopped in Vegas to stretch our legs and give Little Chomp a car seat break.  He did a great job considering that he’d much rather be hiking or in his stroller than in a car.   We had all kinds of weather.  When we left Redlands, there was snow on the mountains…then we met rain on the drive…it was cold, windy, and cloudy the first day at Zion and then became clear and in the mid-seventies.  When we got home, it was in the eighties and perfect :)  We also got to get in for free!!  Apparently, the week of Earth Day all entrance fees to National Parks are waived.  Yippee ;)

We went on 6 hikes in the three days and all of us felt that we can now do “real” vacations with Chompy without it being too stressful.  Much of this is due to our hotel—Cable Mountain Lodge, which had a full kitchen that made feeding Chompy very easy!  Well, that and the fact that we could bring baby food with us on the trail and give it to him as we needed to. :) And, that Chompy loves being outside!!  We highly recommend Cable Mountain Lodge to anyone going to Zion.  It was amazing!  We also have two other plugs…we brought most of our own food with us.  But, we ate two meals in local restaurants.  We ate dinner at Zion Pizza and Noodle Company.  Such yummy, yummy pizza and the atmosphere was awesome.  Who doesn’t love a pizza and pub in a converted Mormon Church?! :)    And, we ate brunch at the Spotted Dog Cafe Restaurant.  Oooh, was it amazing.  First of all, our table had a view of the mountain at sunrise.  And, the food was incredible and a buffet!  Perfection!

Here are a few pictures to show you a little of our adventures.  For the whole set, check out Josh’s Flickr Site-- Click Here! :) 


The Bellagio-too bad Chompy’s face is all cut off :)


I LOVE HIKING!!!!!!!!! 


Soooo purty!!!


Momma, look there’s a big canyon down there!


Lookin’ out the back of the shuttle.


Hiking at dusk is fun! 



Go see Josh’s site for more ;) 

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Moorpark Bike Rides said...

Obviously, a GR8 vacation. Much too short for such a wonderful place! My favorite photos: the waterfalls, "Weeping Rock", and Collin. Oh and you and Josh too.