Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yep--You and I both love....Jason Mraz!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, my husband is very smart. He has been paying attention. Over the last couple of months, there was a billboard for the Jason Mraz concert at Morongo that I passed on my home every day. Everytime I passed it, I'd say..oooh, I want to go see him. I've been a fan since his first album wayyyyy back in 2002 :) And, he was going to be right here in the IE. Last weekend we got to go for my early birthday present. YAY!!! It was a great concert! There were probably just a 1500 or so people. So, it was a small venue. I had a great time! Thanks hubby! (We didn't bring a camera, so the pics are just from Josh's phone).

Here's a video clip that someone from the Morongo concert uploaded:


On The Go said...

Looks like you had fun. Especially nice being so close to home! I listened to one of his songs on "utube." Nice sound. He uses a ukelele does he?

Heather said...

yep, he goes back and forth between a ukelele, acoustic and electric guitars. He uses a lot of sax, trumpet and bongo drums too. I like it.

Amelia said...

How fun! What a great husband! BTW...where do you work now? the IE? email me...we can catch up! Miss ya

Anonymous said...

So jealous!!!

J. Harv

Haley said...

Way to go Joshie!

Oh... Stewiagas! I miss you guys!