Monday, October 20, 2008

It’s Been a While…

Since either of us blogged, so here’s your update!

Both Heather and I are a little bit older. Thanks to all of our friends who put together really fun birthday celebrations! Heather is really looking forward to her 30s!

We just spent a fun weekend with the in-laws. I’m happy to say the the Stewart’s wireless network is now running in tip-top shape after the purchase of a new Linksys router.


We went and saw the Cabrillo Music Theatre’s production of “The King and I” (which Matt is working on). It was a fun show, but Debby Gibson pretty much ruined it for me. She has this lisp which was super apparent from the very first scene and was super distracting throughout the show. I’m not sure how she ever became an 80s pop star. Heather and I even went to YouTube to watch some of her old videos just to see if the lisp was there then, or if some horrible tragedy (like a stroke) had happened to her in recent years leaving her with a crippling lisp. Luckily, no such tragedy has occurred (it has always been there).

We’re super excited for our friends who are adopting kids (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post their names, so I won’t – don’t want to mess up their adoption proceedings). We have three sets of friends who will all have new sons and daughters in the next month or so. Wahoo!

That’s about it for now. More to come!

EDIT – For some reason this post is showing up as posted by Heather, but in actuality it’s been posted by Josh. I’m not sure why that is yet.


Anonymous said...

Awe come on - she wasn't that bad! I thought she had a pretty good stage presence and delivered the songs pretty well in spite of her speech difficulties. I really enjoyed the rest of the cast and thought the King was great.

Heather said...

The rest of the cast was great, I agree! And, the ballet portion was really fun!

Sunny said...

Just wondered if one of you went to Poly? And if so when? And what major?

Sunny said...

Yes, my husband, Josh, and I both went to Poly. I was there 96-00 and he was there 97-00. I was a Bus Admin major in HR and he was Econ, so really, basically Bus too.