Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our day on the farm!

Today we went to Riley's Farm to u-pick apples. Heather has been wanting to continue to expand her new canning skills with Apple Filling. So, off we went. It really was an all day adventure from going to the farm, picking the apples, preparing the filling and then canning everything. It was lots of fun too! Now we just have to be patient before we can have some.

Here's how the day went.....

We walk out past the pumpkin patch to the Rome Apples. Supposedly, they are really great for baking (we'll see).

Josh went along for the ride. I think he had a good time. You'll have to ask him next time you see him :)

Our prize!!! Aren't these soooooo pretty?! Organic Rome Apples!

This is just a cool picture :)

So after we picked all of our apples, we went home to make the filling.

It takes the whole kitchen to make this work. Left back burner is the boiling water for to vacuum seal the jars. Left front are the lids for the jars. Right back are the apples--waiting for the jars. Right front is the yummy syrup getting all thick and tasty!

TA DA!!!!


Sunny said...

How cool! I wish I could muster the energy to attempt this. I bet if I did, the kids would love it. Hmmm... I'll stick to my new hobby for now, blogging and reading my friends' blogs.

Haley said...

that looks so nummy!