Sunday, February 8, 2009

Children's Orchard favorite store. Children's Orchard has quite a few stores in California. They sell lightly used and new baby items that are really inexpensive. During the summer, Children's Orchard in Apple Valley was nice enough to donate a giftcard to one of my mom's at the hospital who needed help. Since then, I keep telling myself that I have to go back to see what I can get for Chomp.

Well, yesterday, Josh and I went to visit our friends Ryan, Rossy and Isabella Ruppe in Lake Forest for Ryan's birthday. There happens to be a Children's Orchard basically around the corner from them. I'm pretty sure that Josh didn't think he'd be excited about this store. But, he's the one who actually found more gems than I did. It was great too because if you spend $35 or more (and it takes a lot of stuff to equal $35) then they give you a $10 giftcard. Pretty great deal! We got some old navy, babygap, children's place clothes for $1.99.....YAY! :) Grandparents, don't worry, we got a variety of sizes, and I guarantee that we did not just finish Chomp's wardrobe :)

Anyway, for those of you with little ones, or about to have a little one, we highly suggest Children's Orchard. Check it out for yourself., if only they had that elusive Bob stroller ;)


Anonymous said...

So glad you had luck at your Children's Orchard. The one by my house was overly crowded with no room to walk, too many moms & kids scavenging through racks,and it smelled like old clothes! Yuck! Maybe I'll have to try again!

Anonymous said...

kaya! So I go shopping there for Addison all the time! Little insider note for you if you already didn't know.. If you go online to there website sign up for the mommys club.. They email you when they have sales and they have special days for just mommys and its like fill a big bag with anything you can find for 10 dollars! Just thought you should know=) hope your doing well.. Miss you so much!!! Love you guys! Amber