Sunday, February 1, 2009

Overwhelmed by Consumerism....

We are soooo thankful for all of the support that we are getting during this pregnancy. Everyone is very excited and loves this little guy already. We are thankful that we are bringing this baby into the world with such joy from our friends and family.

Our friends and family have been really excited and have been chomping at the bit to start buying Baby Chomp presents. So, we decided that we had put them off long enough, and started looking around Target and Babies R Us for Chomp's needs.

It was incredibly overwhelming! The baby business is BIG business and there are soooo many options and so many opinions. YIKES!!! In fact, Americans spent $5.4 billion on juvenile products in one year. And, a family will spend $6600 in the first year for a new baby. OVERWHELMING.

Luckily, my friend Lindsay Bowersox came to the rescue at exactly the right time. She had her baby Brayden last May, and was great enough to send me the book BABY BARGAINS, along with her recommendations as a "real mom" of what was actually needed for Brayden. SO HELPFUL!!!!!!
So now, we have what we think is at least a working registry of what we will need to help make life easy and fun when Chomp arrives. I'm sure that we will change a few things over the next few months, but it feels really good to have an understanding of what's needed and the best for Chomp.

To those of you who have been patiently waiting for direction, here you go. You are unleashed to love the newest family member. :)

Check out,, and for our items. Of course, one store didn't have each needed item. So, now we all have options :) Each store has good parts of it and some drawbacks, so enjoy the one that works for you. If the links don't work for some reason, all of the lists are under first name: Heather last name: Stewart Erquiaga.

Love to you!!!

And....Go Steelers!!!

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On The Go said...

Geez, do we actually have to buy Baby E baby stuff? I thought it was up to the parents to labor on all the expenses. NOT! Yes, we R so ready to buy, buy, buy and more buy. So much for our retirement nest egg. Anyways, love you guys and fun in this new extension of your wonderful lives.