Saturday, July 4, 2009

1 Month Old…


Hi!  I’m 1 Month Old! :)    I can hold my head up really well without bobbing and impressed all of my nurses at LLUMC.  I give lots of practice smiles.  I only really cry when there’s something wrong.  I coo.   I still love my bouncer.  I still do not like the swing.  In fact, when the nurses tried to put me in the swing in the hospital to give their arms a break, I would scream.    I still love going on walks in my stroller.  I visited Forest Home for the first time yesterday to say hello to Daddy’s work…they didn’t get to hold me though, I’m still too little.   I’m convinced that I now like the bottle---10 days in the NICU seem to have made that love.  I’m also convinced that I don’t need to sleep in my crib-those nice nurses held me all the time.  :)   Mommy and Daddy are helping me re-learn.  

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Carissa said...

He slept really well on his tummy in the NICU...(o: