Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We haven’t been doing much walking because it’s been a trillion degrees out and Heather hasn’t been feeling all that great. Last night Little Chomp was pretty fussy so Josh decided to give him a change of scenery and take him out. He made it to the end of our street before he started crying. Heather thought that she’d try it again this morning and hoped for the best. It worked. He was awake the whole time and made it around the block without crying! YAY!!!! If this becomes a part of our routine maybe there will be hope for brisk walks and jogs in our future!! :)

By the way, it was 67 degrees during the walk…YAY! That might have had something to do with it. Hopefully it won’t hit 100 this next week.

Here’s Chomp chillin’ in his stroller enjoying the trees and smelling the fresh cut grass.


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On The Go said...

Yes, I also like walks and smelling fresh cut grass. He definitely must be a blood relative.