Sunday, August 2, 2009




We went on a big trip to the Conejo Valley today to watch Matt, Heather’s brother, (he’s the orange cat at the top) in the Cabrillo Music Theatre’s production of CATS. He was Skimbleshanks. There was an entire song about him, where he got to sing solos and dance! It was a big time production for the area. He did great! The whole cast was amazing. The dancing was incredible as was the singing. Here’s a link to a review. I don’t know if anyone illegally recorded any of it for youtube during the 2 week run, but if so it’d be worth checking out. Oh yeah, and each cast member had to do his/her own makeup—insane how good it looks!

Oh, and he dedicated his performances to Little Chomp!!! How awesome is that?! We had him autograph the program for Chomp and because one day soon, he will be famous on Broadway! We will miss him a lot when he goes away to college in the fall. But, we know that he’s going to keep doing AMAZING things, and can’t wait to see what great adventures he gets to have!

So, we got to have a family day. We started out at home with Nana and then went to Granddad Mike and Grandma Nancy’s for the afternoon. Chomp got to meet his grand uncle and aunt, Sharon and Gordy, and hang out in the back yard. Then, Papa E. and Grandma E. watched him while we all went to the play. (I don’t think that he was put down during the whole time we were away :)

A long, but fantastic day!!!!

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Haley said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how AMAZING Matt's make up looks! And I can't believe he got to be Skimbleshanks [the railway cat! the cat of the railway train!!!]

Love Cats. LOVE CATS. Even more so now that Matt's been in it. I'll definitely be making my way to NYC when he's on Broadway. Can I put in a request that he be in Wicked?