Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Dream Continues…

We tried the next step in Heather’s grand plan of running with Collin today: a walk with the BOB stroller!! We’ve been going on walks with the little GRACO stroller/carseat frame because Little Chomp seemed to like it better at the beginning and it was easier for Heather to manuver after the C-section. The BOB infant converter puts Little Chomp leaning farther back and he isn’t quite as excited about it. But, after two 2 + mile walks in the GRACO, Heather decided that it was time for the two of them to brave a walk with the BOB.


We did it!!!!! It was like heaven! We went for 2+miles again. There was minimal crying, some cooing, a couple of smiles, and a lot of sleeping. Plus, Heather figured out that her Blackberry music is loud enough to be heard if she puts it in one of the drink holders. So, the 45 minute walk was pretty much her description of perfection: The BOB, a beautiful warm (but not hot) morning, a sleeping son, and Jason Mraz!!! :) Adding Josh to the mix would have really made the morning perfect!!!


He slept so soundly that he even stayed asleep in the car seat after the walk was over and I brought the seat back inside. This hasn’t happened in weeks as he does not like the car seat.


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On The Go said...

I like naps too! My favorite part of the day.