Saturday, November 22, 2008


In order to tell the staff in my department that I am pregnant, I brought in cupcakes the day after my doctor's appointment. My boss asked me during our staff meeting if I wanted to tell everyone about the "Sacred Encounter" that I had had the day before. A sacred encounter is what we describe at work to mean a cool moment (usually with a patient or family). Anyway, so all I said was that I had brought in blue and pink cupcakes. Then, I waited! It took longer than I thought for them to figure it out. And, I had to apologize for lying or throwing them off track in the months before my announcement. (I get asked multiple times a day at work if I'm pregnant, and I got pretty good at saying no and explaining that we would have a baby eventually).

Anyway, here are the cupcakes. They turned out really really yummy! The staff all took a cupcake of the color that represented the gender they want the baby to be. I came with 12 of each, and left with four blue and six pink so if they get their way, then I guess we are having a boy! We'll find out in 8 more weeks.

Oh, and I have to give props to my friend Natasha. I stole the cupcake idea from her. It's what she did to announce that she was pregnant with her daughter Kate. Thanks, Tash!!!

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