Saturday, November 8, 2008

Female TV Stars...

So, I was thinking this morning that I'm so glad that there are some really great female characters on TV shows these days. It used to be just silly kind of girls, but now there are smart, witty, fun, beautiful-you know complete people :)

Here are my examples for the day:

1. Ziva David and Abbey from NCIS. Ziva is a special agent; dealing with criminals, guns, and NCIS boys all day long. And, she's funny. Pretty amazing! :) Abby is in the crime lab, and basically can hack into anything. She is a hugger also, and treats her team members like they are her family.

2. Amita Ramanujan from NUMB3RS. She's a math professor and works with the FBI to solve a whole bunch of crimes. Plus, she has a sense of humor and teaches boy genius Charlie Epps a lot.

3. Kate Gosselin- Ok, so she's actually a real person, not just a character, but the way that the Gosselin family finds its way through each day with 8 kids is quite incredible!

4. Addison Forbes Montgomery on Private Practice: Well, really all of the women on Private Practice are great....they're doctors, supportive, leaders, and love each other (for the most part!).

5. Betty Suarez- She's funny, great at her job, keeps an entire magazine running, loves her family, and doesn't let the critiques of others get to her. Plus, I have glasses like her :)

Ok...that's all that I can think of for today! It's a pretty good start though I'd say, and also proves that I watch too much TV.

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