Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gross Out...

I grossness. This is apparently what 38 weeks looks like for me. A horrible pregnancy related rash called PUPPS (feel free to look it up, there's a zillion sites on it) that cover my body. It itches like crazy and looks really horrible. Sad day---I'm sure people who see me on the street think I'm a little bit of a leper. Benadryl and hydrocordizone are my new friends. Also, I have an infection and am on my second round of antibiotics in two months. Goodness pregnancy does really weird things to our bodies.

I promise that once Josh comes home, I'll post a cute pic of the big belly. Chomp and I saw our doctor this morning, and everything still looks good. She goes on vacation for a week starting Sunday morning though, so we are all very, very hopeful that Chomp either comes by Saturday night or waits until at least his due date. We like Dr. Goo!!

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Unknown said...

I'm praying your rash goes away quickly. Oh the joys of the last weeks!