Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Weekend...

We spent Mother's Day Weekend getting a lot of stuff done around the house. We needed to move out a lot of our parent stuff out of Baby Chomp's room and actually make room for him.

It feels good to at least know that if he were to come early, he has a place to live, washed clothes to wear, and space. :)

Here are some pictures of Chomp's room so far. I'm sure that it will change in the next four weeks, but for now, here's where we are.

This is one side of the room.....we took this picture to show off his "night lights" otherwise known as leaf shaped string lights.

Here's one without the lights, but you get the idea of what his side looks like. The little hanging above his room are the letters of his name.
(This is still part guest room). So, here's that side.

The closet. It is more organized than it looks :)

And, the other side of the room with the needed comfy chair, changing table and bookcase. YAY! It just needs few more finishing touches and we'll really be getting ready.


On The Go said...

Geez, you guys do great work. Maybe, you can hire out and organize Matt's room too?! Only 4 weeks to go (or sooner). Happy Parenthood!!!!!

Haley said...

SUCH a cute room!

Collin is one lucky little boy!