Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trying Something New



Josh is very smart.  He knows about this program that should cut down on how long it takes to together a blog spot.   I’m trying it out.   It’s called Windows Live Writer.  Apparently, it is set up like Word.  I write in the text and pictures and then the whole thing gets published.  It cuts down on the pesky time that it takes to upload photos etc.  So,  I’m giving it a shot.   

Camp is soon to be starting again.  There is always something about the end of May/beginning of June that reminds me of summer camp.   It might be the dramatic shift in weather within the last two weeks.  We were cruising along with the lovely marine layer and maximum temperature of 75 degrees, and then the wind shifts, and ta da we are in the 100s again and the haze is back in the I.E..   In just a couple of weeks, the mountains and beaches will be alive with kiddos and families excited to be away from their scheduled days, living it up out in nature.  There are few things better than being outside, breathing and playing on earth!    Have fun, learn experientially, and breathe in the joy! :)




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