Monday, June 1, 2009

39 weeks…..YIPPEEEEE!!!


Yikes!!! Yep, the belly is huge!!!! (Note, this shirt is not actually shiny, that’s just how stretched out it’s become.) I’d say that we must be pretty close to being done growing Chomp! :) He definitely has no where else to go. I can now feel him from my ribs (pretty sure he’s bruised the bottom two ribs on my right side) down to my hips and everywhere in between at the same time. I didn’t even know that I was this big until I looked at the picture :) It’s amazing that we can expand like this.

Chomp and I have our next doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, so we’ll see how he’s doing then. I’m still expecting a great report. The full moon as everyone has been saying is Sunday. There is some truth to the fact that both maternity and psych. wards are busier during full moons. I’m not sure if Chomp is going to be the kind of kid who wants to be arrive at the big party with everyone else or be the one who wants to make his own entrance. I guess we will find out within the next week and a half or so.

Other than that, I’m reading lots and getting little things done. A new thing in the last week is that I really am no longer able to bend to the front if I’m sitting down. It’s also a lot trickier to get up off of the couch or up out of bed. It has to be done in steps. :) Luckily, I can still reach things on the ground if I’m standing. Josh and I have been working these things out as a team. This morning he brought the laundry down to the garage. Then, I could do it, and fold everything. And, he needed to be the one to haul it back upstairs. We are doing really well at teamwork!! We can no longer travel together in the Nissan XTerra though. It’s really hard for me to get into ;) Silly things that I never considered. :) The PUPPS rash is getting both worse and better. Worse in that it continues to spread. Better in that moving is no longer unbearable, and parts of the rash are starting to heal. I’m hoping that it will be mostly (if not completely) gone by the time that Chomp arrives. I’ve been really lucky in this marine layer that’s come over southern California in the last five days or so. 75 degrees is so pleasant compared to 100. It really has made living much easier in this big body.


On The Go said...

Well, just tell Collin that it is time to come out and play in his new decorated room! Try a few Jumping Jacks. Or better yet, go shopping in a mall far away, then he will decide to "drop" into town. Looking forward to the cell phone call. I have my bags packed.

J, T & Pika said...

oh my goodness! You look fantastic!! Seriously, you're not even ginormous! :) Enjoy these last few a few fun things w/Josh maybe even try to go to a movie (it could be awhile before you go again! :)) Many blessings to you both as you prepare and God continues to get your hearts (& body)ready too!