Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life with Little Chomp: Day 11

Well, we have had a good couple of days. Chomp, Josh and I are at least getting used to sleeping when we can, eating when we can and congratulating ourselves with each success.

Yesterday, we got to visit with Uncle Matt (Heather’s brother) and Grandma Nancy. Chomp let both of them feed him and he slept in Matt’s arms for a long time.

P1040031 P1040030

Today, Tia Nana, Tio Sergio, and Cousin Camille stopped by for a little bit on their way to a graduation party. Again, Chomp was very nice to his guests. He slept and was happy to be held.

IMG_4410 IMG_4411

We went on our first outing yesterday-ironically, back to Redlands Community Hospital. Our good friends Dustin and Sarah Gray were blessed by the arrival of Olivia Janelle Gray on Friday. So, we took Chomp over to say hi. Well, really, he hung out in his stroller and got pushed around the floor, while Josh and I took turns meeting the new little friend.

He did such a good job, we decided to take him out again. It was finally a sunny afternoon in Redlands (I know….you’d think that it wouldn’t be that rare, but we’ve been having the june gloom lately—thank goodness I might add because I’m not sure how new baby and 100 plus degree weather and c-section would have all gone). I’m loving the 75 degrees. Anyways, we went for a walk around the block. Chomp slept through it, and I was excited that I felt good enough to make the walk.


This morning-I decided that it was time that Chomp understand that he is going to be a fourth generation UCLA Bruin or at least a fan. :) So, here you go. He should fit into his beanie just in time for football season (Thanks Auntie Laura for the really cool beanie!!!!).


And, to end the post for the day, here are some obligatory cute Hanging with Mom and Dad pictures.

IMG_4413 IMG_4407

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