Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby Boy…

Here’s the update from the Loma Linda NICU as of last night. The antibiotics appear to be working. The infection is looking better and the doctors are encouraged. The surgeons came to see him while I was there yesterday and said that he is looking good and that at this point it looks like this can be managed medically. The neonatologist on call yesterday told Josh that baby was doing well so far and that he would probably stay in the NICU to finish off his 10 day course of IV antibiotics.

He is eating like crazy. Again, it’s like he thinks we never feed him ;) He has about 4 1/2 ounces of a combination of breast milk and formula each meal at this point. (My supply is definitely not enough to sustain him at that rate). It makes sense to Josh and I though because he was feeding hourly at home this week, so since he’s eating every 3 hours or so in the NICU, his feedings would be larger.

He has had really great nurses so far. We are sooooo thankful that we live right on the same street as the children’s hospital (it’s about 4 miles away). It makes going and coming a lot more feasible, and I can pump a few times and then run the milk to the NICU.

Anyway, as we get more information, we will pass it along.

As for me, it turns out that my headache/fever were stress induced. As soon as I got some IV fluids and Tylenol, I was good to go. That makes me feel better (and a little nutty). ;)


On The Go said...

So glad to know things are improving and heading the right direction. You are NOT nutty, just a very caring mother. LU Dad

Dan and Sarah said...

I'm late commenting on this but NO DOUBT you had some physical symptoms of the stress. Being freshly postpartum is hard enough. Add in a baby in the hospital. YIKES. Praying for you guys!!