Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Little Chomp has had many admirers and visitors since he decided to come into the world!

IMG_2379 Aunt Lissy got to spend three days in a row in the hospital with us. She was in the area for her Grandma’s 92nd birthday. It worked out perfectly! :)

IMG_2392 Aunt Danie and Uncle Tom came up from the OC to say hello!

IMG_2393 Nana got her school stuff done and raced down from Murphys to be with us.

IMG_2397 Papa E. and Grandma got to come see you twice while you were in the hospital.

IMG_2400 The second time they brought Tia Daniellie, Tia Kixxy, and Tio David! YAY!

IMG_2424 Granddad and Grandma got to come spend the afternoon with you at home! Look how happy I made them. :)

We also got visits from Dustin and Sarah Gray, and Danielle and Erin Beaver and Heather’s boss Cindy while we were in the hospital. (Sadly, we have been relying on pictures from others and keep forgetting to take pictures ourselves, so we don’t have any of these wonderful friends).

We are just waiting to meet Uncle Matt, and Uncle Trevor and Katie to finish out this part. The extended family starts to visit next weekend! YAY!

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