Monday, June 8, 2009

Short Baby Chomp Videos

So, Nana (Heather’s mom) gave Josh a really fun daddy present, a Flip Video camera! It’s great for getting some cute videos of Chomp, so here they are. The first one is Chompy sleeping:

And we also have one of Chomp with Grandma E.:

It’s so amazing having Chompy here. We’ve been waiting for him for 10 months now, and are so glad to have him joining our little family. He got to come join us in our room today after his short overnight stint in the NICU to make sure that he was able to transition from the birth to being here. It’s amazing how we take for granted things like breathing, heart rate, and body temperature, and they are all things that little babies have to figure out how to do for themselves once they are born. We are so thankful for the blessing we’ve been given with Chomp!

EDIT: I wrote this post while we were at the hospital, but it didn't get uploaded until a couple days later because of the video, so I think the timing is off. Sorry!

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