Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess who’s a week old????

Happy 1 week birthday to Little Chomp!!!!


Tonight at 10:06pm, Chomp is turning one week old! WOW, that went fast!! I guess that when four of those days are spent in the hospital then it goes even more quickly. But, wow!


In honor of Chomp’s 1 week celebration, here’s a list of what we’ve learned about him so far.

1. He loves being held!

2. He hates having a dirty diaper, but hates having a diaper changed even more.

3. We are pretty sure that he is either going to suck his thumb or fingers because they manage to find themselves in his mouth often.

4. He waits until his dad gets home from work, and then will poop three or four times in a row as a “welcome home” present.

5. He is a snuggler.

6. He is a pretty mellow child as long as he’s getting fed and attention.

7. He gets the hiccups like crazy, morning, noon and night.

8. He is not so sure about his swing, but loves it when his mom, dad, and Nana swing with him.

9. He proved the other day that babies really can hear in utero. His packNplay has a music component that plays Mozart for Babies. It happens to play one of the same pieces that I used to play for him during pregnancy. When he heard it for the first time “on the outside” yesterday, he stopped crying, his breathing changed, and he listed to it as though he recognized it. :)

10. He’s already made his Momma laugh and cry more than any other person in the world.


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Haley said...

Happy Birthday Collin James!

I am so, so, so glad you are part of this world and so thankful for the joy you bring to your parents!

Love you so much!

Tia Haley