Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Chomp Update…

So, this is our second day home. Chomp did great yesterday and last night. He seems to have adjusted a little bit to his new environment. Plus, he got to visit for the whole afternoon with Granddad Mike and Grandma Nancy :) He played in his bouncer for the first time, and LOVED it.

He also got to have his first visit with the pediatrician yesterday. When we left the hospital he had lost 10% of his body weight, and everyone was pretty concerned about him developing jaundice. (We will forever be thankful to his night nurse Josetta who patiently syringe fed Chomp three feedings in a row to make sure that he was getting as many nutrients as possible to help with the weight loss/jaundice). Anyway, so he got to go visit with the pediatrician and have his first well-baby check up. He is doing well. He has continued to maintain his weight (and gain a few grams here and there). He gets to go back next week for his 2 week appointment, and he and Mommy get to make sure that he gets fed every 1-2 hours until then. Once he gets back up to his birth weight, then we may be able to extend the time between feedings. To this, Chomp says, “YAY, FOOD!”. To this Mommy says, “YAWN, yawn, yawn!”. :) He did do the typical boy thing though. When Josh went to unwrap him so he could be weighed, he had a dirty diaper and then managed to pee over his entire body. He had pee on his head. Poor child! Anyway, Josh and I were really thankful that it went Ok. Taking an infant out of the house to do anything is stressful.

Josh and I are doing well and continuing to adjust to having this little guy’s life in our hands. What a awesome gift, and what a tremendous responsibility! We are thankful to my mom’s work schedule and that she can be with us for this whole week. It is very helpful since I am recovering from the c-section, and Josh had to go back to work today. (WE MISS HIM!). C-section: For a girl who is incredibly independent, not having a choice, and being forced to be dependent is pretty difficult. The whole pregnancy was a learning experience in letting others help me, and the c-section recovery appears to be the biggest test of that learning of them all.

We love you and thank you for your love and support! Josh, Heather, and Baby Chomp

IMG_4379 Chomp’s nurse in the NICU, Yvette, made this for him. We think that it pretty much shows our family in a nutshell! Thanks Yvette for taking such good care of me and helping my parents feel comfortable and understand what was going on with my health!!! Love, Chomp

IMG_4385 In honor of Game 3 of the NBA finals, Chomp is sporting his “I’m a Lakers fan ‘cause my Grandpa said so!!” bib. Go, Lakers, Go!!!!!

P1030001 Thanks for my onesie, Cousin Brandi!!! Have I mentioned that I love my bouncer?! It vibrates and plays songs to keep me occupied.

IMG_2414 YAY!! We get to go HOME!!!!!!!!!

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