Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Poor Cows…

FYI: this post may be a liitle TMI, but at least it’s honest :) Read at your own risk.

I have a new found respect and intense pity for the dairy cows along the highway in Bakersfield. I’ve seen the “Dirty Jobs” episode featuring dairy cattle but never thought of their pain until now.

Pumps are helpful, and at the same time, sooo mechanical and painful. I can’t imagine that a cow wouldn’t go through similar pain that every new human mother goes through when learning to feed her little one. It makes me sad to think of a creature hooked up to a pump to give milk not to her baby but to a whole other life form. I sure wouldn’t pump milk for a kitten, only for Chomp.

I’m not sure that drinking milk will ever be the same for me (not that I like it any way), which will prompt me to also mention a book I finished recently: The Face on Your Plate. While the book has yet to turn me into a vegan, I appreciate the consciousness and may find myself heading more in that direction. Disclaimer: don’t read the book unless you are prepared to be disgusted at America’s food choices and standards and have a hard time with your next burger.


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